Thursday, September 23, 2010

New Car Baby!

Yea so as you may have guessed, despite my pessimism of my own TradeMe browsing habit, I have just bought a car.  Feels good.
So now I’ve got to find some other way to procrastinate.  While not spending money I totally don’t have.
I may have overstepped my mark budget-wise slightly on the price of the car though.  So I pretty much have a full month to survive on my overdraft.  Now normally this would not be a problem as all I have to do is not buy stuff.  Unfortunately with a new car comes the cost of registering under my name, leading to me realising that I had an illegible drivers license. 

So how do you solve this problem?  By throwing $38 at it and having to endure a three week wait the replacement license arrives.  Meaning that every time I go out to a bar, town, or just to buy beer from the supermarket I have to bring my passport which surprise, surprise is going to need to be replaced soon (another $100 or so). 

Buuut I think I can survive until payday...unless

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