Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I Feel Cream – Peaches

Feminists, as their stereotype dictates, are the evil side of the male lesbian vision. Thanks to the rise of feminism in the last century male chauvinism has more or less become impotent as chicks get fat and get piercings that announce to the world “I hate penises and I’ll eat yours if you look at me funny”. However as much as I personally dislike active feminists they have made a great addition to the music industry by blurring boundaries in their music and performance. Enter Merrill Beth Nisker, or as many know her as: Peaches

For almost fifteen years Peaches has been a notable force in the electronica scene with her music and stage antics blurring the line between gender identities with a large dose of sexual energy thrown in for good measure. I Feel Cream is a more tender offering that long-time Peaches fans may feel a tad uneasy about, in particular ‘Lose You’ and the title track ‘I Feel Cream’ which bring about a new side to the teaches of Peaches while also incorporating a newfound melodic groove.

However this album is far from soft, Peaches still retains the same bite that she has become renowned for which is evident in the opener ‘Serpentine (i don’t give a...)’ and ‘Trick Or Treat’ featuring the charming lyric “Never go to bed without a piece of raw meat”. Also present in the album is a strong hip-hop influence, taking its rawest form in ‘Billionaire’ where Shunda K, of Yo Majesty fame, joins in to turn the tables of gender dominance and sexuality on its head.
With this being a Peaches record there are some truly pumping electro songs that’ll get anyone’s ass on the floor, of particular mention is the peculiar Freudian themed ‘Mommy Complex’ and the bass-heavy ‘Take You On’.

The fifth album of her influential career I Feel Cream sees a slightly new direction in Peaches music while still retaining the same bite that she has become well known for, resulting in a great introduction to anyone who is in the need for some teaches of Peaches.

3.5 stars

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