Tuesday, September 8, 2009

'Sold Out' - Blindspott

In their ten years together West Auckland’s favourite sons, Blindspott, have had an impressive career. After releasing their debut self-titled album to critical and commercial acclaim the band capitalised by selling out shows in Japan and Indonesia before returning their focus to our shores for their follow-up release. In short, they enjoyed one hell of a career, and one that will always be remembered in New Zealand music. ‘Sold Out’ is Blindspott’s thank you to their fans who have supported them unconditionally and wholeheartedly throughout their ten year, two album career.

This CD/DVD package is a must for any Blindspott fan, acting as a sort of Greatest Hits with a great mix of their biggest songs of their two albums – Blindspott and End the Silence. The selection of songs, while being a steady mix of their two studio releases, wisely pays more attention to their debut which showcases the band’s own recognition of what made them a powerhouse of music that could sell out any venue in the country.

As well as the show caught live on the CD and DVD for fans’ oral and visual pleasure, a selection of clips provided by the band showcase their antics on the road ranging from pranks and drunken mischief to interviews of the band by the band. While the DVD itself is great value it’s only let down by the fact that Shelton forgot how to use a microphone, resulting in the viewer at times straining to hear what is being said before being blasted by a wall of noise when the DVD abruptly cuts to a screaming bourbon-fuelled crowd.

Apart from some questionable sound levels and editing in the bonus section of the DVD, Blindspott’s ‘Sold Out’ is a superb CD/DVD compilation that showcases the band’s live intensity. While officially claiming that the existence of this package was not confirmed until the night of the show, it was clear that Blindspott’s final official performance was going to be special – ‘Sold Out’ is evidence to this.

4.5 stars

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